Digital Transformation and Organizational Change: Fostering a Holistic Mindset

by Van E. Tucker, President + CTO • July 31, 2017

Digital Transformation  Are you ready for a digital future? In a recent study from MIT’s Sloan institute, 90% of global managers and executives expected “moderate” or “great” industry disruption through technological advantages, but only 40% of those same executives said their organizations were prepared for the disruptions. The reality is that although most companies believe […]

Vander Group Executes Agreement to Sell Clinic Outlet Division

by Van E. Tucker, President + CTO • July 18, 2017

Reno, NV — July 18, 2017 — Vander Group has finalized terms to sell Clinic Outlet, a medical solutions division specializing in consultation and custom solution design for healthcare businesses. The purchase agreement provides for the sale of the assets of Clinic Outlet, a division of Vander Group, including all technology and intellectual property, to […]