Vander Group’s digital partner and online music store, GhostTunes, has been acquired by Amazon. Originally conceived in 2014 as the exclusive online source for Garth Brooks’ music, GhostTunes expanded to include singles and albums from a variety of artists and record labels. Before its acquisition, GhostTunes offered more than 10 million pieces of content for sale, including downloadable music as well as a variety of physical goods and premium concert experience packages (VIP backstage exclusives). The unique GhostTunes business model was built on Garth’s vision of a music store that allowed artists more control over the way their music and memorabilia were packaged and released while ensuring that artists received fair royalties.

Vander Group led GhostTunes’ eCommerce strategy and developed the entire GhostTunes suite, including its iOS, Android, and Desktop applications. We were privileged to work closely with GhostTunes CEO Randy Bernard, former CEO of Professional Bull Riders Association and IndyCar, serial entrepreneur Chris Webb GhostTunes COO and Garth Brooks who was a capital partner and conceived the initial GhostTunes vision.

Early last month, Amazon completed its absorption of GhostTunes and rolled Garth Brook’s exclusive music to their new streaming service. This move coincided with their sponsorship of Garth Brook’s newest concert tour and a push to build their collection of exclusive music. While we are sad to see GhostTunes go, we truly enjoyed our experience working with Garth, Randy, Chris, and the entire GhostTunes team, and we are pleased that the group was able to work out a favorable deal with Amazon.

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