Vander Group is pleased to announce that “A Merchant’s Digital Passport to Cross-Border Commerce” is scheduled to be released this coming summer. The book is a 16 chapter “how-to-guide” for demystifying globalization for merchants looking to sell cross-border. Featuring extensive insights into how to break into some of the hottest emerging markets, including, but not limited to China, India, and the Middle East.

The book also includes features from leading experts and merchants who have had success when selling globally, including, but not limited to:

  • Tony Navin, SVP, Partnerships & Strategic Initiatives, Snapdeal.
  • Brian Beck, SVP, eCommerce and Omnichannel, Guidance.
  • Jackson Strobel, VP, Operations and Sales, International Checkout.
  • And a ton more cross-border domain experts…

Additionally, the book looks at cross-border through the lens of multiple business types, including:

  • Large Merchants.
  • Mid-Market Merchants.
  • and SMBs.

Through those lenses, providing merchants in-depth insights into how to scale their brand globally. From building your globally distributed teams to localization, “A Merchant’s Digital Passport to Cross-Border Commerce” helps merchants identify risk and garner momentum while selling cross-border.

With that said, below you will find an excerpt from Chapter 1, an Introduction to Cross-Border Commerce.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Cross-Border Commerce (Excerpt)

Hello. Bonjour. Guten Tag. Shalom. Namaste. Ciao. Konnichiwa. Ni Hao. Hola. Hej. Xin chào. Sawubona. Hei.

How many ways does your brand say “hello” to consumers every day?

Simply put, technology has become disruptive. It is changing the way that people and product connect, every day, across every channel, and at a moment’s notice. Providing consumers new means of accessibility; accelerating the globalization of your brand in ways unimagined.

In the early 2000s, two business models prevailed, Retail and Wholesale, selling primarily domestically and occasionally cross-border. Today, as both decline exponentially and near extinction, digital continues to drive annual global Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) to new heights.

And, as technology continues to be a catalyst for interconnectivity, merchants like yourself will need to employ strategies and tactics that enable you to capture opportunity and unlock your brand’s true potential.

This opportunity is called Cross-Border Commerce

For a full chapter listing, please see below:

A Merchant’s Digital Passport to Cross-Border Commerce

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Cross-Border Commerce
  • Chapter 2: Acknowledging the Potential in Cross-Border Commerce
  • Chapter 3: Recognizing the Risk versus Reward in Selling Across Borders
  • Chapter 4: Evaluating and Qualifying Your Business’ Readiness to Sell Across Borders
  • Chapter 5: Determining Where Your Business Goes First
  • Chapter 6: Understanding How Selling Across Borders Impacts Your Organization
  • Chapter 7: New Consumers, New Problems: Understanding Foreign Consumer Expectations
  • Chapter 8: Selling Globally for SMBs
  • Chapter 9: Selling Globally for Mid-Market Merchants
  • Chapter 10: Selling Globally for Large Merchants
  • Chapter 11: 10 Common Mistakes When Selling Across Borders
  • Chapter 12: Your Quick Start Guide to Cross-Border Commerce
  • Chapter 13: Going Global: Your Localization Go-to-Market Checklist
  • Chapter 14: From SMB to Large Merchants: 3 Success Stories of Going Global
  • Chapter 15: Cross Border Index: A Complete List of All Global Marketplaces
  • Chapter 16: Selling Globally with BigCommerce

“A Merchant’s Digital Passport to Cross-Border Commerce” is set to publish in June and will be the first in a three-part series of selling cross-border.

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