Today, Bohemian Guitars announced its partnership with global commerce solutions provider Vander Group. The move signals Bohemian’s continued commitment to growing the influence of its pioneering electric guitar and connected lifestyle brands.

Originally inspired by the oil can guitars used by street musicians in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bohemian Guitars grew through a groundbreaking crowdfunded capital raise. Since its inception, Bohemian has matured into an international brand with a wide following among guitar collectors, amateur players, and prominent artists, including Hosier, Jeff Beck, G. Love, The Revivalists, Chadwick Stokes, and many others.

“In live audiences, the crowd loses its mind over the Bohemian sound and look. There’s nothing like that moment when an audience first hears a Boho,” said Bohemian guitar creator and Chief Manufacturing Officer, Shaun Lee. “I’ll be in a crowd with 10,000 people when the musician brings the Boho out for that key moment in the set. It’s one they had planned before they even knew what a Boho was, and now they use the Boho because its sound fits the song and matches what they hear in their head. Our partnership with Vander is going to help us bring that epic feeling to the global consumer market.”

“It’s about creating those discovery moments where people are able to see, hear, or play a Bohemian guitar digitally, or in person, for the first time,” said Derek J. Sine, Managing Director at Vander Group, “Of course we will help Bohemian sell more guitars on more channels but this partnership is also about continuing to advance Bohemian Guitars as a brand that transcends the music industry.”

With professional performance and recording guitars priced at $399, Bohemian’s designs are positioned to capitalize on a broad segment of the direct to consumer market. While wholesale orders to distributors have become a fast-growing element of Bohemian’s sales, their roots are still in the direct to consumer market, and Vander Group and the guitar maker plan to focus brand development and sales growth there.

“We were really one of the first serious guitar makers to offer direct sales on our website rather than through a distributor. Even though we had no clue what we were doing at the time, it worked,” said Lee. “It’s becoming more common for guitar makers to sell directly now, but we were doing that early, and we really like that model in terms of connection with the consumer and efficiency. Music is all about connection, and there’s no better way to connect directly with a guitar’s design, sound, and origin than to buy directly from the maker. We moved to wholesale orders by necessity because people wanted to buy a bunch of guitars at one time, but we really do want to keep direct to consumer sales as a major focus. That’s why we need someone with Vander’s expertise to help us do that on a larger scale.”

“Bohemian’s direct to consumer origins and organic grassroots movement are key elements of the brand,” said Sine, “and near-term campaigns will focus on refreshing Bohemian’s D2C digital brand and social presence, scaling existing domestic D2C channels, and opening new D2C channels internationally to connect directly with a broader consumer base. We feel there is a lot of value that we can unlock by raising brand awareness and activating consumers who might not be moving in the circles Bohemian has already reached. Bohemian is such a compelling story and product with a reasonable price point, and history has shown us that it sells well directly when it can reach fresh ears. Vander just needs to scale and optimize Bohemian’s D2C marketing strategies, processes, and channels.”

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