Designing Social Proof Strategies

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • January 22, 2018

Entrepreneurs, marketers, retailers, politicians, and hustlers of just about every kind know that social proof is critical to success in any competitive space. It’s a primary driver for acquisition, and when engaged correctly it creates powerful competitive moats. As a consultant and entrepreneur, I advise teams about how to use direct and indirect social proof […]

Building a Healthcare Community

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • January 14, 2018

On December 20th, Vander Group partnered with 747 Club & Woodford Reserve to curate an evening with individuals whom we believe are making a difference in the healthcare industry. The event is part of Vander Group’s mission to create a thriving cross-sectional community in the healthcare industry. We see tremendous opportunities for collaboration among segments […]

China’s Factory to Consumer (F2C) Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • September 25, 2017

Factory direct to consumer sales channels are exploding globally, particularly among Chinese manufacturers. This trend has been brewing over the last two decades, but it has reached critical mass now.  Although estimates are inexact due to the lack of centralized tracking for new F2C merchants, most industry experts agree that marketplaces like Amazon are seeing […]

Bohemian Guitars Partners with Vander Group to Accelerate Global Brand Growth

by Van E. Tucker, President + CTO • September 18, 2017

Today, Bohemian Guitars announced its partnership with global commerce solutions provider Vander Group. The move signals Bohemian’s continued commitment to growing the influence of its pioneering electric guitar and connected lifestyle brands. Originally inspired by the oil can guitars used by street musicians in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bohemian Guitars grew through a groundbreaking crowdfunded capital […]

Digital Transformation and Organizational Change: Fostering a Holistic Mindset

by Van E. Tucker, President + CTO • July 31, 2017

Digital Transformation  Are you ready for a digital future? In a recent study from MIT’s Sloan institute, 90% of global managers and executives expected “moderate” or “great” industry disruption through technological advantages, but only 40% of those same executives said their organizations were prepared for the disruptions. The reality is that although most companies believe […]

Inbound Logistics: 8 Sustainable Freight Trends Smart Supply Chains Need to Embrace

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • May 8, 2017
Inbound Logistics: 8 Sustainable Freight Trends Smart Supply Chains Need to Embrace By Derek J. Sine, Managing Director   Sustainability in the freight industry has sometimes been treated as a necessary evil: something to be balanced against profit margins and industrial growth. However, the most sustainable solutions offer efficiency from both an operational and environmental [...]

Grasping Online Marketplace Trends Part 2

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • March 25, 2017

In part 1, we discussed the basic principles that drive online marketplace formation and growth, and we analyzed a few of the tensions that are inherent in online marketplaces. While the online marketplace variations that have arisen in response to these stimuli are nearly endless, this article will focus on two of the most prominent […]

Destination Africa: The New LCC Manufacturing Frontier

by Van E. Tucker, President + CTO • February 22, 2017

A few weeks ago, Vander attended the sourcing event Destination Africa held in Cairo, Egypt. Exhibitors included manufacturers from 13 African countries, where duty rates for exporting to the US and EU are either minimal or nonexistent. In an increasingly competitive global market, Vander believes these low-cost countries (LCC’s) tariff advantages and their low labor […]

Grasping the Fundamental Principles of Online Marketplaces

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • December 1, 2016

This is the first in a three part eCommerce marketplace strategy series. Part one focuses on some foundational ideas about online marketplaces; part two uses those ideas to analyze the most recent variants and trends in online marketplaces; and part three discusses marketplace strategy from Vander Group’s perspective as an eCommerce solutions provider. Marketplace Function […]

Decoding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • November 8, 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest trade deal in decades, has received substantial publicity recently, but many of us are left wondering about its actual impact on the global economy. In theory, the TPP aims to deepen economic ties and foster tighter relationships between the 12 Pacific Rim countries, which currently account for over 40% of […]