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Inbound Logistics: 8 Sustainable Freight Trends Smart Supply Chains Need to Embrace

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • May 8, 2017
Inbound Logistics: 8 Sustainable Freight Trends Smart Supply Chains Need to Embrace By Derek J. Sine, Managing Director   Sustainability in the freight industry has sometimes been treated as a necessary evil: something to be balanced against profit margins and industrial growth. However, the most sustainable solutions offer efficiency from both an operational and environmental [...]

Vander accelerates Global Commerce initiative with S86 merger

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • May 1, 2017

Vander Group is excited to announce its merger with S86, a Los Angeles-based Omnichannel Advisory Group; accelerating Vander Group’s global commerce initiatives with fully integrated Omnichannel offerings and solutions. The merger comes amid continued market disruption being experienced by merchants today. Providing solutions that enable merchants to innovate and transform their businesses with agility and […]

Amazon acquires GhostTunes

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • April 15, 2017

Vander Group’s digital partner and online music store, GhostTunes, has been acquired by Amazon. Originally conceived in 2014 as the exclusive online source for Garth Brooks’ music, GhostTunes expanded to include singles and albums from a variety of artists and record labels. Before its acquisition, GhostTunes offered more than 10 million pieces of content for […]

Grasping Online Marketplace Trends Part 2

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • March 25, 2017

In part 1, we discussed the basic principles that drive online marketplace formation and growth, and we analyzed a few of the tensions that are inherent in online marketplaces. While the online marketplace variations that have arisen in response to these stimuli are nearly endless, this article will focus on two of the most prominent […]

Destination Africa: The New LCC Manufacturing Frontier

by Vander Group • February 22, 2017

A few weeks ago, Vander attended the sourcing event Destination Africa held in Cairo, Egypt. Exhibitors included manufacturers from 13 African countries, where duty rates for exporting to the US and EU are either minimal or nonexistent. In an increasingly competitive global market, Vander believes these low-cost countries (LCC’s) tariff advantages and their low labor […]

Vander Integrates with eBridge Connections

by Vander Group • February 7, 2017

I like to call myself an agnostic when it comes to technology. I’m all for embracing the newest technology, but I always ask myself how a particular technological development will actually increase efficiency for myself, clients and partners. If I can’t answer that question, I pass on the technology. On the other hand, I’m always […]