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Vander Integrates with eBridge Connections

by Van E. Tucker, President + CTO • February 7, 2017

I like to call myself an agnostic when it comes to technology. I’m all for embracing the newest technology, but I always ask myself how a particular technological development will actually increase efficiency for myself, clients and partners. If I can’t answer that question, I pass on the technology. On the other hand, I’m always […]

Shopify Partners with Vander

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • January 11, 2017

Vander Group announced today that it has become a Shopify Plus Expert Partner. It joins a group of 70 hand-picked Shopify Expert Partners. Partners are selected from a worldwide pool of Shopify experts based on assessments of their portfolio and data related to their quality of marketing, development, design, deployment, and customer management services. Shopify […]

Grasping the Fundamental Principles of Online Marketplaces

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • December 1, 2016

This is the first in a three part eCommerce marketplace strategy series. Part one focuses on some foundational ideas about online marketplaces; part two uses those ideas to analyze the most recent variants and trends in online marketplaces; and part three discusses marketplace strategy from Vander Group’s perspective as an eCommerce solutions provider. Marketplace Function […]

Reign Sapphire Corp. to Acquire Vander’s Coordinates Collection

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • November 28, 2016

On behalf of Vander Group, I’m pleased to announce that Reign Sapphire Corporation (OTCQB: RGNP) has signed a letter of intent to acquire Coordinates Collection from our flagship business unit, FD9 Group. FD9 Group is a Los Angeles based fashion incubator and strategic Vander partner. Since its conception in 2012, Coordinates has provided consumers with […]


by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • November 20, 2016

Earlier this month, I attended Summit at Sea, an annual conference that originated as a meeting of the minds for young entrepreneurs and has evolved into an event filled with the biggest global players in the arts, business, politics, and academic fields. From former U.S. presidents to multi-platinum recording artists, Summit provides a place for […]

Redefining Beauty Buying — Vander Launches Metix.

by Derek J. Sine, Managing Director • November 20, 2016

Vander Group’s design and development teams have successfully launched their most recent mobile eCommerce application, Metix. Metix allows users to view celebrity and influencer photos, see detailed beauty product tags that show how the looks in the photos were created, and then directly purchase the products from a wide selection of retailers. It also provides […]