IRCE is one of the largest eCommerce events of the year- bringing merchants, agencies, and eCommerce Platforms together under one roof for a short week, with one goal in mind: gain market momentum. With these different avenues attending one conference, how does each stand out and gain the knowledge needed to move forward for H217 and leading their respective industry in H218? Below are some key takeaways in reducing conference noise and obtaining sustainable partner relationships. If you are attending as a:


Attending IRCE is the best utilization of time in vetting out the differences in Platforms, Providers, and Software partners. All platforms offer similar functionalities; however, some aspects are more intricate than others depending on the nature of your business. Making finding the best one for you, a priority! Therefore, clearly defining your business goals and objectives prior to attendance will help you to navigate away from conversations that may not result in a lasting partnership, if a partnership at all. Researching companies in which you would like to work with and identifying why, will help you seek out which events to attend afterwards in order to mingle a little closer to these agencies and platforms.


For agencies, it is all about people. Figuring out how you differentiate and stand out from the crowd is imperative to making lasting impressions at IRCE. As you navigate the corridors, make sure that you focus on the “how”, more than the “what” you do, and demonstrate the ability to think more about the client than yourself. For retailers, by the end of the convention they would have heard every sales pitch in Commerce; make yours memorable by focusing on how you can bring impact to their company and help them innovate as an organization.

eCommerce Platform.

For eCommerce platforms it is all about value. Not just in terms of technology, but how you can be an enabler of unlocking the potential of the merchants in which you serve. Figuring how the business dynamics of prospective merchants is key, but showing added value in how you enable them to be competitive and gain momentum is critical in differentiating from Platform X, Y, or Z. For example, at BigCommerce, they have a great ecosystem of both Sales Reps and Solutions partners that aim to better understand the need of their merchants. Making their ROI for their next eCommerce investment substantially higher than the competition. Alternative ways to increase the ROI for merchants is to have strong platform App-Integrations. BigCommerce has been watching closely as the evolution of Elliot, a Cross Border Commerce Solution app, nears its completion. Elliot will be able to make real-time updates across all digital storefronts at the click of a button; all-the-while hosting brands to sell to markets in both APAC and the Middle East via WeChat stores and FlipKart.

For more about Elliot, read our PR release online!