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The Opportunity

Born out of founder Tory Zellick’s six year journey as her mother’s caregiver, All Things Caregiver had a vision for leveraging technology to create synergy between patients, providers, and caregivers. They knew that the right tools could rewrite the future of healthcare by empowering patients and caregivers and leading to better, more efficient healthcare.

To make the vision a reality, All Things Caregiver needed a technology and branding partner to articulate the vision in a clear, powerful, and consistent voice. They also needed a partner that had the design and development ability to build a full featured, customizable app with rock solid performance and reliability.

The Proposed Solution

Given All Things’ vision, a custom iOS app build, basic branding package, and professional marketing site were must haves.

The app itself was the key. To be successful in the space and offer value to patients, providers, and caregivers, the app was designed to as a tool that literally put solutions into the hands of patients. It had to offer broad access to electronic medical records, daily healthcare management tools, and direct integration with patient portals. At the same time it needed to be extremely user-friendly and support multiple user types. To be commercially successful, the app was also designed to be easily customized and individually branded for individual hospitals or other healthcare groups.

On the branding side, the logo was designed to instantly convey the conceptual foundation of the app and highlight the empowering, connective nature of the app. This branding was maintained through the design and build of the All Things Caregiver marketing site.

Custom IOS
App Build

The app was built to fulfill the All Things Caregiver vision for an app that connected patients, providers, and caregivers in one portal and empowered them with practical healthcare and scheduling tools.


Branding conveyed the core vision of the app in a single, powerful image and supported it with consistent voicing and imagery across brand assets.

Marketing Site

A traditional marketing site layout with consistent branding and a professional ethos gave the All Things Caregiver app the credibility it needed to drive broad adoption among providers.

The Results

The customizable, brandable app was a success. The app was quickly adopted by local healthcare providers, and it spread to other providers. It’s combination of caregiver tools and patient records portal was very attractive in the space, particularly as it could be white labelled.

The branding and professional ethos of the All Things Caregiver marketing site added credibility to the app concept and increased adoption rates.


The app was quickly adopted by hospitals and a medical group.


The new, professional brand image increased adoption of the app and assisted in making effective app demonstrations.

Custom App
Features and Branding

The app’s agile design allowed for marketing of custom additions and white label options.


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