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When Beats by Dre needed a way to engage large volumes of customers in their brick and mortar locations, they turned to Vander Group. Vander built a powerful, integrated app that offered the full Beats’ experience.

The Problem

Beats by Dre, a global giant in the consumer music industry, needed the technology to improve customer experience in their flagship New York City store. They needed an integrated listening experience that would engage consumers, allow them to browse Beats products, and serve as a virtual extension of the iconic Beats brand.

Proposed Solution

The solution was a consumer facing Beats by Dre Listing Station iPad App that allowed customers to engage with Beats’ product lines, stream music, access trending music videos and commercials, and join the Beats Army subscriber list. To make the application easier for Beats to manage, we also created a powerful content management system that enabled administrators to automatically update every device in real time.

The Beats solution was crafted to meet our three requirements for any consumer facing retail application:

User Engagement and Brand Activation

The Beats listening station engages users in the Beats’ universe from the splash screen and provides access to an immersive digital experience with music, video, and product information.

Convenient Administration

The powerful CMS and automatic updates simplify managing multiple devices while providing a uniform experience for all customers.

Brand Enhancing Design

The award winning user interface and user experience expanded the appeal and ambiance of the flagship Beats in-store experience.

The Results

Beats deployed the app as a major element of its in-store customer experience. It received significant customer praise and effectively enhanced the customer experience in the store as the volume of customers grew.

Custom In-Store iPad Application

Leading development standards and effective execution kept Beats’ consumers and objectives in mind throughout the design and programming to ensure an immersive digital experience.

Powerful Content Management System

The application framework included a custom content management system to make it easy for Beats staff to add and update content quickly.

Easy Device Management Solutions

Real time device syncing functionality ensured a uniform customer experience without the poor staff experience and expense of updating each device individually.


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