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BringPro’s founders had the vision for an innovative on demand service. They needed a powerful brand and application infrastructure to connect to the customers who needed delivery and installation services.

The Problem

The BringPro founding team saw a need for an on-demand delivery and installation service in their local market. They knew merchant partners and consumers were ready for immediate, no hassle local delivery of larger items, but they needed a  brand for their service so that potential customers would recognize its value at a glance. They knew that the technology existed to track movers in real time, send automated notifications to clients, and handle payment smoothly, and they knew that these features would give their business a massive competitive edge over the existing services in their space, but they had no idea how to create such a system for their business.

Proposed Solution

Given BringPro’s on demand service and their wide spectrum of target users, we knew their digital tools needed to be diverse and mobile friendly. Vander suggested the creation of both a web and iOS app that would enable customers to quickly create a job request, pay for the job, and track BringPro’s progress (departure, real time location, pick-up, and delivery). At the same time, Vander knew they needed a powerful marketing site that would make the service’s advantages clear to customers and answer any concerns hesitant consumers might have about safety, competency, insurance, and reliability. Finally, Vander knew BringPro needed powerful integration on the back end that would seamlessly route data from incoming customer requests to mobile delivery professionals, make use of mapping data to determine the most efficient assignment choices, track delivery progress, and send automated notifications to customers based on the location and task completion of the mobile delivery units.

The BringPro solution was crafted to meet three key needs for digital solutions connecting consumers to any on demand service or product:

Create a Persuasive and Frictionless Customer Experience

When consumers are looking for an on demand product or service, they need to be able to quickly see the value of the service or product. The case for the product or service must be made simply and clearly, especially if, like BringPro, the service offers something different than the status quo. In addition, the consumer must be able to progress through the sales funnel at a speed proportional to the on-demand nature of the product or service.

Integrate an Efficient Back End

What happens after consumer data is collected is important. In BringPro’s case, their business lives and dies on efficiently and quickly handling customer requests. Data from all channels must be integrated and immediately turned into actionable assignments that optimize performance and prevent mistakes in delivery.

Activate Brick & Mortar Retailers

When launching BringPro, Vander deliberately took a branding angle that would attract traditional retailers. The group knew BringPro’s ability to offer them immediate delivery service without the overhead of a delivery truck and dedicated delivery employees would be a major asset to them, so Vander built much of the branding around that value.

The Results

Vander executed on the proposed solution presented to BringPro. Vander facilitated a Brand Discovery Workshop, brainstorming potential brand names, logos, and brand values. The brand discovery workshop set the foundation for Vander’s creative and development teams to design and develop the complete application framework. Using its innovative business model and the powerful application framework we built, BringPro continues to grow its business. A major part of its business has become partnerships with dozens of merchants who appreciate BringPro’s integrated back end and always trackable service features.

BringPro trusted Vander and we delivered:

Full Stack Web Development

Vander designed, built, launched, and managed BringPro’s web app and proprietary application framework That left them free to focus on making their business succeed on the ground!

Branding and Marketing Site Design and Development

Vander helped BringPro’s founders create a coherent brand strategy, design a customer-centric marketing site, and develop the brand in a way that made it functional and frictionless.

Full Stack iOS Development

Vander designed, built, launched, and managed BringPro’s full iOS app on the iTunes store. Vander also ensured that data from the app was integrated smoothly with data from the application framework and that users on both channels had a unified experience.


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