End-to-End Niche Brand Management

The BYRD Hair flock was looking for an end-to-end eCommerce solutions partner to handle design, development, marketing, and fulfillment to grow their brand and expand it into global markets.

The Problem

With a compelling back story and product, BYRD hair was ready to expand, but it needed help getting over the hump. BYRD needed a site that could handle more traffic and present polished and consistent branding. It needed a cohesive marketing strategy and the tools to implement it. It needed warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment, and kitting services to deal with rapidly growing demand while maintaining their boutique quality standards. Finally, BYRD needed connections to international shipping and distribution channels. Essentially, it was looking for an agile end-to-end eCommerce solution that would allow brand scaling without unwieldy in-house structures.

The Solution

Byrd needed an end-to-end integrated solution, so it tapped several of Vander Group’s business units. Vander started with a custom eCommerce site build on the Shopify platform and added additional key functionalities including retargeting campaigns, cart abandonment follow-up, return customer reminders, email collection, and subscription. At the same time, Vander relocated Byrd’s inventory into the Reno fulfillment center and implemented 3PL solutions to manage orders and inventory smoothly across their various channels, including their flagship website, a growing list of retail affiliates, and global partners Vander established relationships with.
Vander Group’s solutions were founded on the three advantages that we offer all our end-to-end eCommerce partners:

End-to-End Integration

Gone are the days of operational silos, messy communication, and painful data entry. Vander fully integrated BYRD’s eCommerce infrastructure and processes for absolute operational efficiency. Vander also linked the back-end of their custom Shopify site to their warehouse and fulfillment solutions, which allow for smooth omni-channel fulfillment.

Built to Scale

BYRD considered its growth trajectory and future needs when selecting an end-to-end infrastructure. They needed a solution that would seamlessly scale with increased traffic, greater order volume, and a rapidly expanding distribution network. Vander built their site on Shopify’s very scalable platform to handle growing traffic and connected them to their 3PL system to easily add new distribution channels.

Fully Customizable

Byrd needed rapid expansion without sacrificing the localized feel and attention to detail that characterized its brand aesthetic and back story. That meant they needed processes and people that carefully preserved and improved their shipping procedures, customer relationships, and brand feel. Even though Vander has grown their brand worldwide, they continue ensure there’s nothing “big box” about the product and experience they deliver.

The Results

Vander Group manages  Byrd’s complete end-to-end operations with integrated eCommerce solutions to warehousing and distribution on an impressive array of channels, including wholesale orders to small retailers around the globe, as well as major markets like Huckberry, Amazon, entreX, Birchbox, Swell, American Eagle, and Urban Outfitters. In recognition of its rapid expansion and quality products, Byrd Hair recently won GQ Grooming’s 2016 “Breakout Brand of the Year” award with three featured products.

End-to-End Integrated eCommerce Infrastructure

Before expanding the brand, Vander built an integrated infrastructure that maximizes end-to-end efficiency. This included a custom Shopify site with added functionalities, Vander’s integrated 3PL WMS and fulfillment system, and partnerships with worldwide distribution channels.

Long Term Managed Services

Byrd was able to avoid adding in-house overhead by choosing a 3PL provider like Vander that offered managed services for the future. That means steadily increasing efficiency long after the initial infrastructure has been built, and it means minimal added workload for BYRD’S core team.

Rapid, Global Brand Expansion

Byrd quickly expanded its reach by choosing a 3PL and development partner with established processes and connections. At the same time, Vander kept their brand aesthetic intact with conscientious branding strategy and a custom built shipping playbook that ensure orders are kitted to BYRD’s boutique expectations.


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