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With agile frameworks and full end-to-end channel management, Coordinates Collection has quickly scaled across the globe and unlocked new opportunities

Coordinates needed an end-to-end eCommerce solutions partner to handle production design, development, marketing, and supply chain to take the Coordinates brand to the next level and expand into international markets.

The Problem

Born out of the FD9 Fashion Incubator based in Los Angeles, the Coordinates Collection concept needed a custom online builder that would allow users to select and build custom jewelry. With over six different variable options on both mobile and desktop, Coordinates needed a sophisticated look that seamlessly guided customers through the customization buying funnel.

Proposed Solution

We conducted first and secondary market research to identify the core market problem that the brand would solve. Once we validated the opportunity, we provided top-level management to align key stakeholders within the organization to gain alignment and better define their product road-map.

While providing full brand management across every domain within the Coordinates organization, we were able to put in place a blueprint that would allow for market success focuses around approach and methodology. Within an agile framework, we mapped key measures of success for the brand to sprint tasks that spanned creative, management, research, strategy and technology. Within 8 weeks, 4 sprints, we successfully launched both a product and platform for what would be one of 2015’s most viral brands.

In order to ensure a successful launch, we focused around 3 key pillars of success:

Brand Equity

A strategic and well-validated brand DNA allowed for the ability to quickly brand awareness and adoption with key influencers prior to launch.

Growth with Speed

Within 30 days the brand had reached over 100 countries and close to 500 million impressions worldwide, maintaining a sub 1.50s response time and skyrocketing to the top of key SEO categories overnight.

Omnichannel Syndication

Cohesive and streamlined brand and product messaging across advertisement, digital and print media, social media marketing and other acquisition channels.

The Results

The proof is in the numbers, within 60 days the Coordinates brand had generated close to 500 million impressions, according to Google Analytics, across multiple channels. Additionally, the brand has been featured in over 300 digital and print publications. The brand has passed every metric of success for a digitally-driven brand.


Major Editorial Features in the 1st 60 Days including PopSugar and TeenVogue


500 Million Impressions in the 1st 60 Days via Search and Social according to Google Analytics


25 Percent Interaction Rate via Promoted Advertisements on Paid Search and Promoted Posts


Accelerate How Your Customers & Product Connect


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