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Get Paid Mining BitCoin with FitCoin

Complete Application Development empowering you to workout for Bitcoins.

The Opportunity

Between long hours and lack of self-maintenance that are often plaguing individuals that work in the tech industry, the pressure can build and over time can take its toll. With forty percent of Americans overweight and out of shape, Vander sought to both ease the concern and create a healthy and time effective substitute: by adapting and adjusting the average consumer’s perception and furthering the marriage between healthcare and technology. Vander created a unique way to embody developmental change and as a result, the group has created an essential lifestyle brand, rewarding those who push themselves, offering a financial reward to the individuals who take control of their health.

Proposed Solution

Vander created an advanced iOS ecosystem, available exclusively for your smartphone.

The application, FitCoin, is a biometrics platform that allows its user to mine cryptocurrency and harnesses the strongest, most efficient computer: the human body. FitCoin leverages the power of your standard over-the-counter fitness tracker (ex—FitBit, Jawbone, etc.) to generate and mine cryptocurrency. During the workout, your wearable technology transmits the data to the FitCoin app. By calculating the body’s exertion including heart rate and length of time spent exercising, FitCoin analyzes the work. The FitCoin app then utilizes a unique algorithm that assess your body’s exertion, assigning a value to your work. In turn, it will reward the individual with a percentage of BitCoin that is transferred to their (BitCoin) wallet.

Taking HealthTech to the masses

To instill and reinforce healthy routines and clean living, Vander has created a definite lifestyle brand to mobilize, inspire and encourage individuals into taking action and transform their lifestyle through subtle persuasion and the prospect of financial reward.

Harnessing the bodies natural energy

Even with the most advanced and cutting-edge technology, it can still take a team of individuals a year of continuous work to mine a single BitCoin, FitCoin remedies this and by linking to a fitness tracker, utilizes the time and energy expended by the human body to mine untouched cryptocurrency.

First to market

FitCoin is the first of its kind—a biometric iOS application that integrates healthcare and cryptocurrency.

The Results

Vander launched the FitCoin app at SXSW. The launch went off without a hitch, and drew press attention from around the globe.

FitCoin is the NikeFuel of the future” – Wareable.com

Bitcoins integration into the fitness market will be sure to set markets on fire, with FitCoin being the only experiment of its kind to develop the technology needed for Bitcoin integration.” – The Merkle

Get ripped or die mining: FitCoin will make you a BitCoin fortune at the gym” – The Next Web


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