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Golf fashion brand G/FORE needed a digital transformation and ERP integration. Vander offered leadership and a scalable solution.

The Problem

G/FORE’s eCommerce experience needed to reflect the brand with a timeless design and interface. At the same time, G/FORE needed best in class infrastructure that would allow it to scale with growing global demand while easily incorporating new products and seasonal collections. G/FORE lacked the internal resources to complete the transformation in house, and they needed someone to lead their end-to-end eCommerce update and digital brand transformation.

Proposed Solution

After confirming G/FORE’s needs and vision, Vander worked with company leadership to create a comprehensive plan. Given their need for scalability and customization, they chose a custom build on the Magento platform. A major part of their business is custom glove building, so Vander also built a glove design widget that was integrated into their store front. It allows customers to experiment with glove designs, see their custom designs in real time, and then add their design to their cart or share it on social media. G/FORE elected to use FullCircle as their ERP integration provider, and Vander helped them establish their omni-channel supply chain and distribution system using FullCircle’s powerful tools.

The G/FORE solution was crafted to meet our three requirements for any eCommerce brand refresh or digital transformation:

Maximum Integration

Gone are the days of operational silos, messy communication, and painful data entry. We fully integrated G/FORE’s entire infrastructure for absolute operational efficiency. We linked the power of FullCircle’s ERP and EDI to G/FORE’s site and integrated their custom glove builder into their online store and order management system.

Built to Scale

G/FORE needed to consider their growth trajectory and future needs. They needed a solution that would seamlessly scale with increased traffic and orders. That’s why our solution was supported by Magento’s best in class platform.

Mobile from the Start

Every day, a greater percentage of traffic is coming from mobile devices. That’s why our design process for G/FORE focused on site responsive across all devices. That creates a unified, frictionless experience that drives conversion no matter who is shopping or what device is being used.

The Results

G/FORE’s expansion is now being supported by a best in class eCommerce infrastructure. Their sleek digital storefront with customized functionality has become a major asset for the brand, and the powerful Magento and integrated FullCircle ERP back-end is ensuring smooth day to day operation and a responsive supply chain.

Custom Magento eCommerce Site

G/FORE received a digital brand transformation. Their digital storefront is building their brand, and the best in class Magento platform it runs through is built to meet the growing global demand for G/FORE’s products.

On-Demand Glove Builder Widget

The glove builder allows for fully customizable leather golf gloves and includes pre-customized gloves for design inspiration. It also allows users to share their custom designs to social media and add them directly to their cart.

Full Circle ERP Integration

Integrated apparel ERP software has optimized G/FORE’s supply chain and distribution channels. With EDI for supply chain management, inventory sync, order management, and more, G/FORE has increased operational efficiency.


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