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The Opportunity

Hyperice founder Anthony Katz had breakthrough ideas that were about to revolution the lucrative sports recovery industry. He had some high profile supporters and plenty of passion, but to bring his product to market he needed a brand partner to handle branding, marketing, eCommerce web development, ERP integration, and operations optimization.

The Solution

Since Hyperice was focused on tapping a broader market and capitalizing on its early success among key influencers, it needed to do two things:

  • Create a marketing strategy that would drive conversions at scale
  • Build a more robust commerce infrastructure to handle the meteoric rise in volume.

Hyperice’s final marketing strategy accounted for national media placement and included a unified approach, with packaging, site design, promotional materials, and advertisement placement working together holistically to build brand positioning and value.

Hyperice’s infrastructure was built to scale in response to demand. Integration and automation of processes were focus points throughout the design and implementation phases. The new  Hyperice eCommerce site was built on an industrial strength magento platform to handle Fortune 500 volume, and business systems were integrated with Full Circle ERP.

Three fundamental elements formed the core of our solution:

Scalable platforms and processes

A custom Magento site and integrated ERP ensured functionality and brand cohesion at high volume

Full integration for operational efficiency

Full Circle ERP integration created smooth end-to-end processes to drive efficient performance.

Marketing designed to drive capitalization

A national marketing strategy leveraged brand resources to aggressively acquire market share while creating long term defensibility.

The Results

Since the brand partnership, Hyperice has risen to the 96th position on Inc. 500’s list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S., boasting 3 year growth of 3300%. Its most recent revenue figures came in at nearly seven million annually with three year growth still over 1000%, and it is poised for sustained long term growth in the sports recovery and movement enhancement space.  

Hyperice’s eCommerce site and ERP system have maintained performance throughout the rapid scaling process, and the implementation of the proposed marketing strategy has successfully positioned the brand for continued expansion in a variety of channels and target populations.

3 year growth of 3000+%

Advance planning created smooth scaling and explosive growth.

Success at Scale

Flexible processes, systems, and technology functioned at a variety of volumes.

Long term brand positioning

Marketing strategies paved the way for later product expansions and new consumer bases while protecting brand value.


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