Natural Skincare that Works

An end-to-end partnership with brand strategy, management of eCommerce and logistics operations, and expand into new global and domestic markets.

The Problem

Founded in Los Angeles, Bryant Knight conceived the idea to build a company that offers top-quality skincare products with an aesthetic that merges form and function for the curated lifestyle. Crafted in America from organic ingredients, KNIGHT CO.’s formulas are designed to value the purity and efficacy of nature through essential elements that are GMO, cruelty, and toxin-free. However, KNIGHT CO.’s acclaimed products won’t make a difference to the world without production and operations – and what better way to do it than to find an eCommerce partner to do just that and more?

Proposed Solution

It was then that KNIGHT CO. tapped Vander to provide a cross-functional integrated solution. Initially, Vander set up a custom eCommerce site built on the Shopify framework with additional key functionalities including retargeting tactics, cart abandonment strategies, and robust customer segmentation marketing. Subsequently, Vander developed a complete Ops360 framework to manage KNIGHT CO.’s inventory through its Reno fulfillment center and implemented 3PL solutions to manage the distribution and warehousing for KNIGHT CO..’s products, ensuring that they are efficiently moved via their different channels – including their flagship eCommerce website, expanding list of retail partners, and third-party marketplaces until they reach their end consumers.

Built to Scale

KNIGHT CO. envisioned that the future of skincare would mean limitless opportunities. Vander knew that Shopify’s scalable platform would be able to seamlessly handle their growing traffic and expanding distribution network.

Multi-Channel Experience

Every time their customers have an experience with KNIGHT CO.’s products, they want to create an opportunity to make sales at every touchpoint and Vander helped made this possible.

Experience Design to Drive Conversion and Brand Equity

A custom Shopify website combined with an integrated marketing strategy leveraged brand resources to aggressively acquire market share while creating long term defensibility.

The Results

Vander now manages KNIGHT CO.’s complete operations with integrated eCommerce solutions from warehousing to distribution on their array of channels including wholesale and retail on a global scale. Their products are acclaimed by the biggest names in the press, including Cool Hunting, Highsnobiety, Esquire, The Manual, and Men’s Health – which only proves how much Knight Co. has captured the hearts of its consumers worldwide.

Long-Term Managed Solutions

Partnering with Vander allowed KNIGHT CO. to avoid in-house overhead with its offering of managed services. That means continuous support long after the initial infrastructure has been set up – saving additional workload for KNIGHT CO.’s internal team.

Increasing Brand Positioning

How consumers view KNIGHT CO.’s products apart from competition is crucial to their success and they can only assume product expansions are on the road ahead – and Vander certainly got their back.

Success at Scale

A flexible process management is key to working better and faster with improved day-to-day interactions between team members.


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