Langly Camera bags had a quality product and a niche customer profile.

An end-to-end partnership with Vander Group activated global brand growth.

The Problem

Langly had the vision for a best in class product. Created by world renown photographer Evan Lane and designed with photographers in mind, Langly’s camera bag designs stylish and uber functional. Still, a great product idea would go nowhere without a partner to grow the brand and distribute the product.

The Solution

Vander took on the Langly brand and became its end-to-end eCommerce partner. Vander built its site on a Shopify platform and integrated the site and the entire Langly supply and distribution chain into Vander Group’s best in class logistics, warehousing, and fulfillment services. The group coordinated Langly’s marketing activities, including Google Adwords campaigns, retargeting and abandoned cart checkout campaigns, social media advertising, and email marketing. Vander provided onshore customer support that covered all of Langly’s channels for customer interaction, including a support number, email, and social media. Finally, Vander helped Langly integrate global online marketplaces into their omnichannel sales strategy, starting with Japan’s Rakuten. Over the next year, Vander expects Langly to also successfully integrate WeChat (China), Mercado Libre (Brazil and Mexico), Flipkart (India), Xiao Hong Shu (China), Tokopedia (Indonesia), and Lazada (Singapore and Malaysia).

Three fundamental elements formed the core of our solution:

Create a Digital Brand Strategy

Langly had a compelling story and a great product. Vander built their digital brand around that, ensuring that their website was a functional presentation of their photographer focused brand.

Integrate Multiple Sales and Distribution Channels

In today’s market, and omnichannel sales strategy is almost mandatory; integration is key to making that strategy work from an organizational and financial perspective. As Vander built out Langly’s portfolio of active sales channels, they made sure to tie each one back into their integrated supply and distribution chain.

Think and Sell Globally; Support Customers Individually

Vander provided a global expansion plan and the tools to smoothly integrate. At the same time, Vander offered the customer service to ensure Langly was able to maintain individual customer loyalty and brand authority by dealing with real life customer questions, suggestions, and complaints. Vander then neatly packaged data from customer interactions so could help Langly responsively adjust their product and digital brand.

The Results

Langly now sells its bags globally. It has an effective international brand ambassador program with healthy social media followings and website traffic. It’s bags have been used by photographers on all seven continents. Vander still handles all of Langly’s logistics, customer service, digital support, and international expansion, and are proud to have them as one of their flagship digital partners

Langly trusted Vander and they delivered:

Shopify Based Custom Site Development and Maintenance

Vander designed, built, and launched Langly’s online eCommerce site, langly.co, and continues to provide managed services to ensure that the site is always functional and integrated with Langly’s end-to-end operations.

Branding, Marketing, and Customer Support

Vander continues to help bring the Langly brand to more consumer than ever before, and they ensure that every customer is a satisfied customer. Vander’s keeping Langly on brand, relevant, and trusted.

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Vander continues to expand Langly’s reach globally and ensure the smooth integration Langly’s supply chain and logistics challenges.


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