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Metix wanted to revolutionize beauty buying by leveraging the power of social influencers while simultaneously engaging users with the latest trends and products.

The Problem

Metix founders, Jamie and Jenna Harris, recognized that beauty consumers aren’t just trying to buy products. What consumers really want is specific looks inspired by influencers. With this in mind, Jamie and Jenna envisioned an app universe that would unlock “pandora’s beauty box, helping beauty enthusiasts to finally identify and recreate celebrity looks instantly.”

Their Metix vision was something no other application had done. There were no existing applications for influencers to monetize and engage strictly cosmetics and makeup, and the other social networks were noisy with unrelated content distractions.

To bring their vision to life, the application architecture needed integration with existing social media and beauty commerce sites. It needed a platform for social influencers to upload pictures and videos and add custom hot spots that linked to specific beauty products. The platform had to be part of a wider app ecosystem where users could easily browse and search for both specific content and specific users, and the whole application universe needed a way to integrate with a variety of affiliate programs and payment methods. Finally, the app needed to be global, with major user bases in both the United Kingdom and the U.S.

Proposed Solution

Vander Group proposed a custom iOS app build that would do everything Metix needed and more. It included special attention to UI/UX design as well as efficient application architecture to ensure performance despite the heavy use of images, videos, user added hotspots, and product links. Vander also offered an application hosting framework and post-launch support services that would ensure the app functioned around the globe and was able to handle both fresh content and the rapidly increasing traffic it would experience after launch. In addition, because the Metix App required a critical mass of influencers and users, Vander worked with Metix to develop a custom development and launch schedule that would coincide with a broader marketing plan.

The solution emphasized three principles for effective content driven social selling apps.

Activate Influential Content Generators

During the influencer platform design, Vander paid close attention to the ease of use. After all, influencers are the ones uploading the content and providing the social capital, so the app needs to be something they want to use over and over again.

Engage Generation Z

Engagement with Generation Z required special attention to content and streamlined user experience, enabling users to interact with the application and simulate influencers’ make-up looks.

Monetize With Product Purchases

Monetization was a critical requirement to enable influencers to earn revenue from their networks and Metix to create a sustainable business model from day one.

The Results

Vander launched the Metix app at BeautyCon with a live London launch party. The launch went off without a hitch, and drew press attention from Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and WWD. Since launch, Metix has grown rapidly, and Vander continues to manage the app as it scales.

Complete UI/UX Design and Full Stack IOS App Development

Vander handled complete full stack development of the application, including the UI/UX design, Swift iOS programming, and application framework powered by Laravel PHP.

Affiliate and Payment Intergration

The the app integrated with affiliate programs, including Rakuten and AffiliateWindow, enabling users access to tier one cosmetic brands including Harvey Nichols, Boots, Superdrug, and John Lewis.

Over 30K Users in 30 Days

The app successfully handled the sudden spike in users and traffic, and Vander’s role in ensuring the continuous functionality of the platform has been a major part in the app’s continued growth.


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