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A fresh approach to drive revenue and loyalty for the world’s simplest protein bar

Delivering redefined and effective quarterly email marketing programs activating loyal customers.

The Problem

Rise Bar’s success in activating customers at the world’s leading grocery and fitness studios was not resulting in an increase in direct to consumer sales on Rise Bar’s flagship eCommerce website. With the 4th quarter approaching, Rise Bar turned to Vander Group to boost underperforming online sales and increase wholesale revenue. Vander immediately analyzed Rise Bar’s customer profiles and existing marketing programs, and identified that their existing loyalty customer email list was an underutilized resource. Vander knew Rise Bar had a great product, and felt much more could be done to convert casual taste testers into dedicated Rise Bar fans and unlock untapped wholesale vendors. At the same time, Vander had to carefully avoid burning out subscribers by keeping the churn down and growing the list.

Proposed Solution

Vander collaborated with key company stakeholders to define an email marketing program to activate loyal RiseBar customers while simultaneously redefining their email marketing strategies for long-term revenue growth. Vander defined a set of key performance indicators beyond gross revenue that would assess the effectiveness of each campaign. Vander then collaborated with Rise Bar to execute a customized creative process that allowed us to adjust messaging in real time based on performance indicators as well as the realities of Rise Bar’s complex supply chain.

Three fundamental elements formed the core of our solution:

Customer Profiles Assessment

An analysis of Rise Bar’s customers and brand resources helped identify untapped potential and unlock value

Agile Frameworks

Quick execution and impactful insights resulted in a redefined email marketing program that boosted sales while continuing to build long term customer loyalty.

Key Performance Indicators

A quarter over quarter increase in gross sales, a growing subscriber list, and high click and open rates clearly defined the campaign’s success.

The Results

In month one, Rise Bar saw a 95% month over month increase in orders placed and a 78% month over month increase in gross sales. Within the first quarter, there was a 37% quarter over quarter increase in gross sales, and the following year has already seen continued growth with Q1 posting gross sales another 12% above the Q4 results. Most importantly, the carefully defined email marketing program and iterative design process have ensured customer loyalty growth VanderWe continues to see open rates above 20% and click rates between 1.5 and 2%, which are consistent with historical trends.  At the same time, Rise Bar has seen minimal attrition, and the subscriber list has grown significantly each quarter.  


In the first month, Rise bar’s month over month online orders increased by 95%.


Quarterly gross sales had increased by 50% by the end of Q1.


By the end of Q1, Rise Bar’s subscriber list had grown by 10%.


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