Sportif Apparel and Fashion Brands. A reputation of quality and comfort

The Sportif multi-brand family needed digital transformation and ERP integration to continue its legacy of quality, style and function. Vander offered leadership and scalable integrated eCommerce solution.

The Problem

What began as a small business in 1965 gradually became a multi-brand company – Sportif, Aventura Clothing, Bearpaw, Icelandic Design, Luxe de Leon, and Flip Flop Shops are among the top brands in the clothing and fashion industry. To keep up with their growing business, Sportif needed control to allow their internal staff to manage their flagship eCommerce website which was limited with their previous legacy bespoke solution.r. Moreover, they had a growing properties with increasing demand for marketing integrations, custom programs for sales and the ability to manage the website with their internal teams. Sportif lacked a centralized, single platform which they can easily update and a scalable website to enable them to add more brands as they grow their business portfolio.

Proposed Solution

As Sportif believes there are no boundaries to what they can conquer, so does Vander when it comes to providing solutions. Vander addressed their need for a platform which enables them to have a centralized integrated eCommerce solution where they can have a truly multi-brand experience which allows their internal teams from Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service to use it without the need for a third party development company to perform day-to-day website support. In addition, Vander chose a custom-built Magento enterprise solution to be the eCommerce framework including a custom FullCircle ERP integration for Sportif.

Multi-Brand Functionality

The ability to support Sportif’s multiple industry-leading brands using the Magento platform gave them a truly seamless experience.

Built to Scale

There’s no way but upward for Sportif. Thus, we made sure our solution would support their vision to add additional portfolio of brands with minimal investment.

Front-End and Back-End Customer Service Integration

Not only has Sportif always stood for providing quality products, they’re also committed to exceptional customer service. Our solution also enabled their customer support center to support customers with live chat, and process traditional phone orders via the Magento backend.

The Results

The Sportif family of brands is now fully integrated with the best in class eCommerce infrastructure. The ability to quickly execute additional properties within the Magento environment has improved operational efficiency. The migration has supported Sportif’s growth by enabling them to fully manage their flagship eCommerce properties – be it from a Marketing, Sales, or Customer Service perspective. Moreover, they were able to provide improved customer service experience and streamline their day-today operations for all of Sportif’s brands.


At Vander, we are steadfastly dedicated to our clients’ success as we nurture a long-term partnership. We worked hand-in-hand with Sportif which enabled us to think of sustainable solutions in a holistic approach, including reviewing the return on investment of each feature that we develop and analyzing what can be performed in-house by the Sportif internal teams and what can be offloaded to Vander’s support with our AgileOps methodology.

Custom Magento Enterprise Site

A fully custom Magento experience allows Sportif and Vander to work hand-in-hand to support their growing market demands.

Advanced Backordering and Call Center Support Tools

The advanced back ordering and customer support tools have empowered Sportif to reduce investment, streamline operations support and develop more effective inventory management which resulted in a significant increase in revenues. They were also able to improve customer support experience as their call center support are able to view, edit and create orders through the Magento admin interface.

Full Circle ERP Integration

Integrated apparel ERP software has optimized Sportif’s supply chain and distribution channels. With ERP for supply chain management, inventory sync, order management, and more, Sportif has increased operational efficiency.


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