Delivering a Natural Antioxidant Caffeine Alternative

Strategic supply chain partner for growing wellness brand

The Opportunity

SUTRA’S founder, Max Altschuler, a successful growth hacker and founding sales expert at saleshacker.com, had a history of unhealthy gut health. After a visit to the ER, he realized his digestion was being destroyed by a combination of too much caffeine, too much stress, and a poor diet. As part of his personal solution, he began a quest to create a healthier alternative to his coffee habit. The blends he began experimenting with worked so well that he decided to launch a company around a caffeine replacement product packed with tried and true superfoods.

Realizing he had the kind of concept that could change the work-a-day world’s morning routine, Max wanted to get his product in consumers’ hands as quickly as possible. Already familiar with startup strategy, Max needed an agile supply chain partner to help him deliver his product concept.

Proposed Solution

Vander Group offered SUTRA a comprehensive supply chain partnership solution. Shopify integration provided real time inventory data and seamlessly linked customer’s eCommerce experience to back-end fulfillment and supply chain operations. On demand custom packaging printing and customizable shipping and kitting options allowed for a strongly branded end user experience that was still easily adaptable.

Integrating physical and digital eCommerce dynamics

Full Shopify integration with warehouse and shipping interfaces.

Agility vertically and horizontally

Easily customizable packaging, kitting, and shipping options for maximum ROI and agility.

Minimal overhead for bootstrapping success

Low initial costs minimizes risk, while scalable procedures drive cost savings as volume increases.

The Results

SUTRA’s monthly shipments have nearly doubled in 3 months with no signs of a slow down. Fulfillment and postage costs as a percentage of profit have continued to be driven down as part of the scaling process, and SUTRA customers continue to be satisfied with the product delivery experience.

DTC + B2B Commerce Integration

Vander built an integrated infrastructure that maximizes end-to-end efficiency, including Shopify DTC + B2B website integration with added functionalities, Vander’s integrated 3PL WMS and fulfillment system, and partnerships with worldwide distribution channels.

Volume Discounts

Leveraging Vander’s extensive group buying capabilities, SUTRA was able to receive discounted postage, providing an extensive competitive advantage and high conversion rate through FREE Shipping to customers

Rapid, Global Brand Expansion

SUTRA quickly expanded its reach by choosing a supply chain with established processes and custom built shipping playbook that ensure orders are kitted to SUTRA’s bespoke requirements.


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