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Transforming a Pharmaceutical Product Innovator

Building enhanced treatments through clinic-driven R&D

The Opportunity

Terrain Pharmaceutical was an emerging force in the evolving pharmaceutical products industry, driving growth through an internal focus on research, development, and distribution driven by provider and patient needs. In addition, Terrain’s Lidopro formulation and related topical application solutions answered patient and provider requests for a topical analgesic that offered deep penetration, safe pain relief, and hassle free application. In sum, Terrain’s innovative processes and products were being embraced by the medical services and products community.

While Terrains snowballing momentum was an exciting opportunity, their lack of a professional digital brand was a major roadblock to continued growth. Terrain knew it had to have stronger branding to drive mass adoption of its innovative topical pain relief solutions and publicize its value added services in the medical product development space.

Terrain’s explosive growth trajectory was also posing a major challenge, particularly in terms of managing customer interactions. Terrain’s growth necessitated a more efficient way to manage customer relationships on a larger scale.

The Proposed Solution

To improve Terrain brand positioning, a complete transformation of the brand was needed. This included clarifying the brand mission and story, revamping major brand assets, and creating a professional marketing site. The complete digital rebranding of Terrain would increase awareness of products and services, lend credibility to their value propositions, and create the professional ethos needed for successful commerce in the medical space.

An effective integrated customer relation management system was the answer to the challenges posed by Terrain’s rapidly growing volumes of clients and partners. For Terrain’s particular needs, implementing SalesForce was the logical choice.


Collaboration directly with company leadership to identify and prioritize key areas for improvement.


End-to-end implementation of an efficient CRM system using the existing platform SalesForce.


Complete digital rebranding, including asset creation, design, and development.

The Results

Terrain’s brand overhaul increased value for all stakeholders and drove sales to all time highs. The professional appearance of the brand’s assets and digital presence was a key component, and increased brand credibility had a direct impact on the growth of the business. In addition, the integrated CRM increased the efficiency of Terrain’s customer interactions and offered the level of systematization needed as Terrain scaled.

in Sales

Terrain’s sales have seen sustained growth since the digital transformation.

Optimized Customer Relationship Management

Implementation of a comprehensive CRM increased effectiveness and efficiency of interactions with customers

Increased Brand
and Value

The new marketing site increased brand value for stakeholders, raised awareness of Terrain’s products and services, and attracted top level talent.


Accelerate How Your Customers & Product Connect


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