We’re into our second month of 2019, hope you are concentrated in executing this year’s plans and on-track to achieving all your goals. As we accomplished a record holiday season for online sales and spending time with family and friends over the holidays, we would like to congratulate our partners and teams achievements over the past year.

At Vander, 2018 was a successful year of growth, passion, and experimentation using what we learned to create world-class business solutions for our partners with increased requests for advisory, customer experience, technology, and digital strategy solutions. We aligned our playbook solutions focused on our core capabilities, unlocking growth and activating ideas to partners. We have introduced new members to our operations, partner success, and technology teams and grew our families.

Partner Highlights


Sportif Family of Brands Launches on Magento Commerce,
The Worlds Most Flexible Multi-Brand eCommerce Platform


Solati Health Introduces GenesisLiner™


Silk Road Introduces Effects-Driven Plant Extracts For Wellness, Relief and Pleasure


Malbon Golf, Inspiring Today’s Youth to Participate in the Greatest Game on Earth.


Balance Swim, A New Approach to Swimwear.


Clinic Ventures, Building Tomorrow’s Great Healthcare Brands

Path Ahead

This year marks the upcoming of a new decade for all of us, this decade has shown “Timing is Everything” and “Everything is Timing”, with the mass adoption of technology into our daily lives including the dominance of D2C eCommerce, digital health, social commerce, mobile, IoT, voice, and data. Science has proven the psychological power of timing for economic and technological change. Combined with the new year and an upcoming decade, we are very excited to join you and build the future. We recognize the future is no small or easy challenge. We know together, combining your vision and our complementary solutions we can solve the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead.

A huge thank you to each and every partner for allowing us to serve you.

Van Tucker
President + CTO