Earlier this month, I attended Summit at Sea, an annual conference that originated as a meeting of the minds for young entrepreneurs and has evolved into an event filled with the biggest global players in the arts, business, politics, and academic fields. From former U.S. presidents to multi-platinum recording artists, Summit provides a place for the people hoping to drive change to meet in community and, hopefully, forge a better future for the world. Built on the theory that the dinner table and the campfire are two of the most powerful forces in the world, Summit relies on a carefully crafted, art infused, almost surreal environment to allow its participants to create the unlikely relationships and conversations that will determine the direction of a global future.

Because of privacy stipulations and the rules of Summit, I can’t give too many specifics about the people I met there or the conversations we had, but I will say that my Summit experience was as meaningful as advertised; I met all kinds of people, of all ages, from all walks of life, who are just excited about the future as I am.

That’s really why I sought out Summit in the first place. Since its inception, Summit’s founders have understood that we are in the middle of reversing a century long trend toward increasing specialization. We are now entering the age of the Polymath, and the kind of cross-discipline contact and vulnerability Summit creates is invaluable in creating the broad perspective we all need more of. It’s also why I am so pleased I was able to represent Vander there. Our strength is in our diversified supply chain services, and we see ourselves not just as a global player in the market, but as a global change maker. We want to position ourselves, and our clients, to go beyond simply capturing existing value and to begin to actively create value for the world around us.

For more on Summit please visit: Future.Summit.co