Vander Group is excited to announce its merger with S86, a Los Angeles-based Omnichannel Advisory Group; accelerating Vander Group’s global commerce initiatives with fully integrated Omnichannel offerings and solutions.

The merger comes amid continued market disruption being experienced by merchants today. Providing solutions that enable merchants to innovate and transform their businesses with agility and speed. S86’s current CEO, Sergio M. Villasenor, will move into the Group’s Global CEO role, and CMO, Brittany P. O’Steen, to follow as the Group’s Global CMO.

Additionally, S86’s globally distributed management teams in China, India, and Portugal will be integrated into Vander Group; providing merchants global capabilities and support.

With this merger will come four new, key offerings and solutions for the groups new and prospective global brand partners, including:

  • AgileCommerce — Impactful insights that drive the continuous delivery of innovation across every domain and discipline within our partner’s organization.
  • Commerce360 — Driving brand value by transforming the customer’s journey into a memorable, yet seamless, experience through every channel and touch-point.
  • CommerceGo — Business accelerator that identifies opportunity from a commercial level by providing thought-leadership and guiding brands towards realizing its limitless potential.
  • Digital Transformations — Helping brands gain alignment, set a vision, and put in a place a culture that supports the development of products that have a measurable business impact.

Moreover, the Vander Group’s mission and vision will now take a holistic view at Commerce. Positioning the group in the market under the mantra of “Accelerating the rate at which People and Product connect.” In doing so, enabling its brand partners to put in a place a foundation that supports the development of products and strategies that have a measurable business impact. Focusing on experience-driven solutions that transform their customer experience.

Lastly, the group will also act as an accelerator for putting in place governance and management that can transform distressed and emerging assets/brands that have not unlocked their true potential.

The group’s current headquarters is based out of Reno, Nevada; however, it is pushing aggressively to move the core team to either Los Angeles or New York.

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