Natural Antioxidant Caffeine Alternative SUTRA is the newest Vander Group Supply Chain 4PL solutions partner.

Founded by Sales Hacker founder Max Altschuler, SUTRA has a mission to change the world’s morning routine by kicking the caffeine habit once and for all. With three deliciously bold coffee replacing formulas packed with antioxidants, SUTRA is backed with powerful branding and driven by a founding core of passionate growth hackers. We believe SUTRA has all the tools to become the leading hot beverage choice for the curated and health-conscious lifestyle.

Supported by Vander Group’s comprehensive and integrated supply chain solutions, SUTRA has already seen 100% growth in its shipments over the past three months. This trajectory is expected to continue, and SUTRA and Vander Group continue to experiment with kitting and shipping options that are driving down its fulfillment costs at scale while enhancing SUTRA’s core brand experience.

Vander is excited to partner with SUTRA to continue promoting the digestive health of its customers and we’re looking forward to facing the challenges of rapid scaling together.