I like to call myself an agnostic when it comes to technology. I’m all for embracing the newest technology, but I always ask myself how a particular technological development will actually increase efficiency for myself, clients and partners. If I can’t answer that question, I pass on the technology. On the other hand, I’m always on the look-out for technology that can optimize real world business procedures (SOPs). I’m a big believer in integration, and I think some of the most useful tools out there right now are the ones offering more integrated data exchange between applications and businesses. At Vander, we’ve been looking for a best-in-class partner in this area for some time, and I’m pleased to announce we’ve reached a deal with a company that we feel is the true industry leader in EDI and eCommerce integrations.

Monday, Vander Group added eBridge Connections to its growing list of strategic partners. eBridge Connections is a leading provider of vetted ERP, EDI, and CRM integrated solutions. In particular, they power cloud based integrations that bi-directionally link ERP/accounting systems to every major eCommerce platform. These powerful integration tools are an important component in creating eCommerce operations that are optimized for efficiency and data driven sales.

We believe that eBridge’s expertise in integration and their proven, scalable technology complements our integrated eCommerce business model extremely well. We also feel that our eCommerce expertise will help eBridge continue to increase its market share amongst forward looking eCommerce clients and partners. Ultimately, we expect this partnership to further expand Vander’s model of maximum integration and offer substantial increases in efficiency and performance for many of our enterprise level clients.

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